11-04-2013 - Mrs Lucinda and Mr Taurus, part 6


After this session, the slavegirl has to serve both with her mouth. Mrs. Lucinda was licked delightful and Mr. Taurus got a blowjob. Mrs. Lucinda had to pee, so she gave it to the slavegirl as a reward. This was a great session


11-04-2013 - Mrs Lucinda and Mr Taurus, part 5


Now slave m was fucked by both, it was time for a body bag suspension. Mr. taurus came back with some new toys. Power bumps at low voltages. In between Mrs. Lucinda plays with the cunt and tits of the slavegirl


10-04-2013 - Mrs Lucinda and Mr Taurus, part 4


After Mrs. Lucinda was fucked with the strap-on, it was time for the slave to be fucked. Mr. Taurus began to fuck her and when he was finished Mrs. Lucinda wanted to fuck her also. A thick strap-on was put on and then ... she fucked slave m in her ass.


10-04-2013 - Mrs Lucinda and Mr Taurus, part 3


M slave got a dildo gag into her mouth. Allows her to fuck Mrs. Lucinda . In order to ensure that slave m itself does not enjoy it, she was put into a special "boxbed". While Mrs. Lucinda now fucks the cock, the slave got well fingered, until she was squirting.


10-04-2013 - Mrs Lucinda and Mr Taurus, part 2


In another playroom , Mrs. Lucinda wanted to be controlled by the slave. Mr. Taurus gave her the assignment to serve Mrs. Lucinda with her mouth and tongue. Mrs. Lucinda was at that time doing nothing, then just enjoy. slave m is doing quite her best.


09-04-2013 - Mrs Lucinda and Mr Taurus, part 1


Slave is fixed into a special straitjacket. She can't move. Her ass is backwards. A big fat dildo goes into her cunt. Meanwhile she has to serve the Master and the Mistress with her mouth. Mrs. Lucinda knows how this cunt need to take care.


04-04-2013 - Turnover from maleslave to tranvestitesl


Tranvestite sabientje is a man and feels like a woman. When sabientje came to me, I literally tore the man's clothes from his body and made him a her. He / she is literally someone who thinks "help I see a man in the mirror and I feel like a woman". All aspects are covered. I tore of the men's clothing, learned sabientje to think and act as a woman, and she even had to wear a tampon.


19-03-2013 - Candle droplets


Girl-slave gets horny and excited of hot candle droplets During an exhibition, I regularly take the opportunity to use my slaves for my pleasure. So my girlslave crawled towards me when I lit the candles. She posed herself into the most horny welcoming position, sitting on her knees in front of me. When I tipped over the first candle over her body and dripped the candle wax on top of her skin, she moaned and her pussy went extremely wet. She wriggled her body when she felt the wax drops on her skin and came to her climax.


19-03-2013 - Footloversslave


Footloversslave gets horny from high heels and pantyhose of his Mistress. As soon as this slave sees his Mistress, he lays down quietly on the floor and is hoping that his wishes will be forfilled. This slave finds his ultimate pleasure when he is trampled under my feet. Once I'm standing on top of him and use him as my carpet, his nipples are getting stiff, his cock is becomming hard and he surrenders completely in submission.